Better life at home with a home health partner.
senior woman on wheelchair with nurse wearing stethoscope smiling

About First Home CARE Solutions, LLC

We are a full home health care agency serving clients between 18 and up. Our agency is open to serve Medicare, Medicaid, Medicare HMO, and VA clients. We also accept all major credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

As a home health care agency, it is one of our goals to give families peace of mind knowing that their loved one is well taken care of. It is why our services are patient-centered so we can tailor our care plans according to their unique individual needs.

To make our goal possible, we provide a home assessment so we can coordinate with the client’s family members and determine his or her own needs at home. We will also work alongside a physician to ensure we provide the right level of care.


The goal of First Home CARE Solutions, LLC is to provide the community with an access to a full home health agency that helps promote independence and quality of life at home, giving families peace of mind in regards to their loved one’s overall health and well-being.


First Home CARE Solutions, LLC envisions becoming one of the leading home health agencies in Stuart, Florida.